Hulu Is Adding Some Great Horror/Sci-Fi Movies In February

District 9

Hulu is often seen as the bastard stepchild of streaming services, disregarded in favor of larger competitors who are better stocked with content. However, it can be a place to unexpectedly discover numerous movie gems, and several quality genre titles are arriving next month.

First up, Possessor is a sci-fi following an assassin who mentally inhabits other people’s bodies to undertake her jobs, the story delving as much into the identity disassociation she suffers as a result of the possessions as it does the intricacy with which the hits are set up.

You’re Next, meanwhile, sees a young woman accompanying her boyfriend to his family reunion taking charge when a band of masked killers invade the home, her upbringing in a survivalist compound making her more than a match for the intruders. Elsewhere, 12 Hour Shift is a darkly humorous thriller where a drug-addicted nurse finances her habit by trafficking patient organs, only to one night misplace a stolen kidney and frantically search for a replacement lest she have to provide it herself.

There’s also Phase IV, a notoriously bizarre sci-fi from the ‘70s featuring intelligent ants developing a hive mind and initiating a plan to battle humanity for supremacy, with the events interspersed with trippy dreamscape visuals.

The Omen

Also available are darkly comedic satire American Psycho and its narratively unrelated sequel, Jack the Ripper hunt From Hell, iconic antichrist horror The Omen and its follow-up, Antebellum, following a slave on a plantation whose is story not what it at first seems, Dredd, the far better of the two cinematic outings of Mega-City One’s famous lawman, District 9, where a government agent gradually transforms into one of the aliens housed in a Johannesburg slum, The Shape of Water, the Oscar-winning love story between a captured fishman and a lonely cleaner, The Tenant, where a man moving into a new apartment is tormented by a series of surreal encounters, and Mars Attacks!, a cartoonishly violent invasion of Earth by the Red Planet.

Tell us, though, what do you plan to stream on Hulu next month? As always, let us know down below.