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‘I See You’ ending, explained

The ending will blow your mind.

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Amongst an ocean of superlative horror content that has crawled out of the woodwork over the years and received a media boost thanks to TikTok, it’s worth noting that Netflix’s I See You is a flick that has profited greatly from exposure. As one of the key examples of phrogging — living in someone else’s home against their knowledge — in horror, the pulse-pounding horror extravaganza introduces a wealth of anxiety and paranoia into the minds of its thrill-seeking viewers. 

Traditionally, horror movies which feature more than one ongoing storyline are either the subject of intense ridicule or absolute favor. In I See You, detective Greg Harper is introduced as one of the lead agents working on a bone-chilling cold case file which centered around young boys who were kidnapped, abused, and murdered years prior. At the same time, viewers soon learn that a haunting “presence” is taking over Harper’s home — which he shares with his wife Jackie and son, Connor — although we learn Jackie had been cheating on Greg.

As perfectly twisted as the 2019 horror is at most times, there’s simply no denying that genre die-hards and phrogging fanatics are mainly interested in the project’s jaw-dropping ending which proves that nobody can truly be trusted. 

The ending of I See You, explained

Photo via Saban Films

Before the movie’s definitive ending is played out, it is revealed that the “haunting presence” occurring in the Harper household is actually two phroggers — one of which is making a documentary-like project about how easy it is to be a phrogger and take shelter when it’s needed. In doing so, Mindy – a phrogging expert, eats food in the Harper household, while Alec – a more devious phrogger, is determined to terrorize the Harper family.

However, it turns out that terror is just what Greg Harper craves, as it is subsequently revealed that Greg murdered Todd — the man that his wife Jackie was initially having an affair with. Not only that, but Mindy soon discovers evidence of previous cases that point toward Greg being the serial killer who was kidnapping and murdering the missing boys.

In the end, Greg tries to cover up his acts and appear as though Alec was trying to kill him and that he alone is the serial killer, all the while stabbing himself to look innocent. However, Alec eventually shoots Greg while a detective’s back is turned, but the reason why is the true icing on the cake. It is then revealed that Alec was a missing boy that actually escaped from Greg’s sinister grasp many years before — which would undoubtedly explain why he wanted to cause terror and chaos for the family while acting as a phrogger.

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