Ice Cube says a ‘Friday’ prequel would be blasphemy

New Line Cinema

A recent internet rumor about a prequel to Friday on HBO Max has caught the attention of rapper and actor Ice Cube, but certainly not in a good way. A possible prequel would serve as a fifth installment in the popular comedy franchise that was created by Cube himself, but the 21 Jump Street star thinks the idea would be absolutely blasphemous.

The entire interaction occurred over on Twitter, where user @OhThatMarco sparked the debate with a single tweet. “A ‘Friday’ prequel is in the works for HBO max. Comedian druski and rapper Vince Staples are attached the lead roles,” was written in the tweet.

Ice Cube eventually responded with a quote-retweet, falling for the rumor by writing in his tweet, “This is blasphemy.”

The original Friday released back in 1995 and was written by Ice Cube along with DJ Pooh and featured Chris Tucker as Cube’s co-star. The original film eventually spawned several sequels, including Next Friday, Friday After Next, and an ongoing fourth installment titled Last Friday. Luckily for the legendary rapper, the rumor has been debunked by both Staples and Druski on Twitter.

Unfortunately for fans, the future of Cube’s Friday franchise looks bleak at this point. As mentioned before, there were talks for a possible fourth installment in Last Friday, but creative differences between Cube and Warner Bros. has put the process on hold for now. For now, folks will have to resist the temptation of internet rumors until something official is confirmed for the possibility of a future installment.