Iconic Marvel Movie Moments Redrawn As Comics

Marvel's Behind the Mask

We’ve all seen movies based on comic books, especially if you’re a Marvel fan; however, it isn’t often that we see the roles reversed and the movie becomes the inspiration for the comic. Thanks to some talented artists, this is exactly what has been shared to Marvel’s Reddit.

In one post, a user compiled some of the most flawless movie-to-comic images we’ve seen, capturing the tone of the MCU while bringing back the character’s comic book roots in the chosen imagery.

Whether you’re an MCU fan or just a Marvel comics fanatic, here are some movie-to-comic adaptions by Instagram artist John Black that are sure to get the nostalgia flowing.

Marvel Movie Moments as Comics

Here is Captain America wielding Thor’s Hammer during the final battle sequence in Avengers Endgame.

This comic scene is adapted from the Thor moment that finds Thor battling it out with Loki while standing on the Bifrost bridge.

Spider-Man fans will recognize this throwback to Spider-Man 2 where the web-slinger uses his powers to stop a moving bus.

Black Panther posing in a tree looks perfect both in movie and comic form.

Doctor Strange can be seen taking on the Mad Titan in battle during Avengers: Infinity War in this movie adaptation.

A more comic-accurate Star Lord fits in perfectly with his MCU counterpart.

The tragic conclusion to Infinity War where Scarlet Witch removes the Infinity Stone from Vision looks slightly less intense in this comic adaptation.

Tony Stark sacrificing himself for humanity still keeps the same energy from Endgame when presented in a comic style.

He should have aimed for the head, but this is still one of Thor’s most exciting visual moments.

You can tell how well the MCU captured Captain Marvel’s comicbook appearance towards the end of the film with this side-by-side.

Hulk Smash! That’s it.

For even more movie-inspired comic book art, be sure to check out John Black’s Instagram.