Idris Elba And Daniel Craig Fuel James Bond Rumors With Hilarious Photo


Daniel Craig hasn’t even started filming what’ll likely be his final movie as 007, a project we’re currently calling Bond 25, but the internet’s already rife with speculation about who the following James Bond should be. And the majority have answered, as most people seem to want Idris Elba to be the next man to order a martini that’s shaken not stirred.

While sitting near to each other at the Golden Globes ceremony last night, Elba and Craig decided to have a bit of fun with all the rumors. The Luther star shared a snap on his social media of himself with Craig, and while he looks a bit worried, the current super-spy pulls a face that looks like he’s angry at Elba for stealing his job. The Luther actor captioned the image: “Er…”

Clearly, the two actors are aware of the flurry of interest in Elba taking over from Craig in the coveted role, but could he really become the next 007? The betters seem to think so, as the odds on Elba landing the gig have been repeatedly slashed of late. As for Elba himself, sometimes he seems keen to encourage the rumors – in this photo for example and a previous case when he tweeted “the name’s Elba. Idris Elba” – but other times, he’s appeared to want to dismiss the idea.

It’s still unknown, then, whether Sony and EON have actually had any conversations with the actor about the topic. It does look like he gets on with Craig pretty well though, so there shouldn’t be any bad blood on the current 007’s end. Plus, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has said no to a female 007 at the present but has teased that a black actor playing the part’s possible. So, Elba may be in with a fighting chance to be the next James Bond, after all.

Source: Twitter