Idris Elba Reveals Netflix’s Luther Movie Is Now Shooting


For a while, it felt as though the chances of a Luther movie actually happening were rooted much deeper in wishful thinking than an actual, tangible reality, given how often the various key creatives talked it up without any serious forward momentum ever being gained.

Luckily, that’s all changed in the last few months, and the ball officially got started rolling when it was announced that Netflix would be distributing the feature-length adventure for Idris Elba’s dogged detective. Creator Neil Cross admitted that he was never going to give on Luther until the movie got made, and it’s now in front of cameras.

Taking to social media, Elba teased that he’s back on set and once again wearing the character’s signature coat and tie on the BBC/Netflix co-production, which you can see below.

Luther only ran for 20 episodes split across five seasons, but it’s widely regarded and regularly lauded as one of the finest small screen crime thrillers of the decade. Elba landed one Golden Globe win from four nominations playing the grizzled police officer, so Netflix subscribers have high hopes that extending the story to a bumper-sized running time will maintain the high quality of the show’s episodic efforts.