Idris Elba Says The Next James Bond Needs To Be “Something Different”


For a long while there, Idris Elba was many fans’ top choice to play the next James Bond once Daniel Craig finally hangs up his tux for good. As the British actor is now 45, however, he’s said on many occasions that he doesn’t think the coveted role will ever be his. He has suggested what direction 007 could be taken in the next time the EON producers need to recast, though, and he’s got some interesting thoughts.

When asked about the possibility of another black actor playing the role in an interview with Variety, Elba said that the most important thing is about opening up the secret agent to new possibilities, whether that means hiring a black male actor, a white female actress or a black female actress.

“It could be a woman. It could be a black woman. It could be a white woman. I think that character? Everybody would like to see them do something different with it.”

We’re sure that nigh on 100% of fans would have no qualms about a black male actor playing Bond at some point, but up until recently, the thought of a female Bond was not widely considered. Since Doctor Who broke waves by casting Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, however, more are calling for that other British institution to move with the times and to cast a woman as 007.

Intriguingly, it’s not just fans or famous names like Elba who think this way. Longtime series producer Barbara Broccoli, the woman who has all the power when it comes to casting the new James Bond, has said that “anything is possible” in response to being asked about a black or female actor winning the role.

As it is, though, if the latest rumours are to be believed, actors James Norton and Tom Hardy are the frontrunners to play the part if Daniel Craig drops out of the upcoming Bond 25, which is set to shoot its way into cinemas on November 8th, 2019.