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If ‘Black Adam’ is meant to save the DCEU, its Rotten Tomatoes score doesn’t look too heroic

So much for saving the DCEU.

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The latest rebirth of the DC Extended Universe is here with Black Adam, but it could be yet another false dawn as its Rotten Tomatoes score is unleashed on audiences.

Hyped up at its premiere as being potentially the best superhero movie of the year, and being one of DC’s finest, it appears it was all a façade as the first critic reactions have poured in. Despite the immense star power and a fresh start, Black Adam looks set to continue one of the more worrying trends from Warner Bros. DC filmography.

As the reviews continue to flow in, the critic aggregator has yet again tended on the side of rotten. With 50 percent critics’ approval after 50 reviews, it is actually one of the worst-reviewed films in the DCEU so far. The audience approval will be an interesting one, with a section of DC fans known for review-bombing films or going out of their way to give positive reviews for DCEU flicks.

It’s definitely not for a lack of trying within Warner Bros. Since 2015 there’s been countless projects greenlit but then fallen by the wayside, and Black Adam had been stuck in development hell for a decade. Before the film’s release, a report emerged of a myriad of sequels coming out of Warner Bros., including Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman 3, and spin-offs for The Batman.

The reviews could end up meaning little to the studios, with there being a clear intention of revitalizing the DCEU by hell or high water. Black Adam will release in cinemas on Oct. 21.

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