First Image And Details Of Jeremy Renner’s Bourne Legacy Character

Universal Studio’s fourth Bourne film is one that most people are still completely in the dark about. Without the return of leading star Matt Damon or Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, the series feels like something that wouldn’t benefit from a sequel.

That being said, Universal is in need of a new franchise to bring in some dough and with Fast Five recently reviving the Fast/Furious franchise they figured they’d return to the Bourne series to milk it for all it’s worth.

The Bourne Legacy stars Jeremy Renner as agent Aaron Cross. He’s essentially another secret agent with many names; one that fits in like a glove next to someone like Jason Bourne. Here’s what Renner said to Empire (via Screen Rant) about his character:

My character is called Aaron Cross, but he ends up having a bunch of different names. For fans of the franchise, [The Bourne Legacy] has that same ticking clock, but it’s a new programme and new characters.

He also touches up on the characters relationship to the assassin training program called Treadstone:

Yeah, it’s that same deal, it’s just a new set of agents with a different leash. It’s the same tempo and pace but more expansive and bigger. The differences are pretty vast but you’ll know it’s a Bourne movie.

So while not much information has been revealed about the upcoming Bourne sequel I think we can safely assume it will follow closely to the groundwork Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass laid out in the previous films. The big question now is will Jeremy Renner be able to carry the film with Matt Damon‘s absence? Only time will tell!

The Bourne Legacy is scheduled to be released on August 3rd, 2012. The film also stars Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton and Joan Allen.

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