New Justice League Snyder Cut Photos Tease Steppenwolf And Darkseid


Fully CGI characters are far from a bad idea if they’re handled correctly, but it all hinges on the quality of the effects. Of course, unless you’ve got Andy Serkis strapping on the leotard, then it could really go either way, and the DCEU in particular has featured a succession of poorly rendered villains who end up weightlessly bobbing around the screen and smashing into other pixelated characters without even looking convincing to audiences, never mind posing a threat to the heroes.

Patty Jenkins may have laid the blame for Wonder Woman‘s Ares at the foot of the studio after claiming she was pressured into putting him in the movie, but she’ll have to take responsibility for Kristen Wiig looking like she’d wandered off the set of Cats during her battle with Gal Gadot in the sequel. Batman V Superman‘s Doomsday, meanwhile, was underwhelming and Suicide Squad‘s Incubus was awful, but none of them could hold a candle to Justice League‘s Steppenwolf.

Darkseid’s minion was a big indistinguishable murky mess, and a full redesign must have been one of the first things on Zack Snyder’s to-do list. The filmmaker admitted that the studio thought his original appearance was too scary, but now that he’s got carte blanche, we’ll see Steppenwolf in all of his shiny, spiky glory. In fact, two new images have been revealed that offer great looks at Justice League‘s major antagonists, and you can check them out down below.

Indeed, the marketing blitz is slowly starting to gain speed as we edge ever closer to the Snyder Cut’s March debut on HBO Max, and we should be seeing even more from Justice League 2.0 in the near future with a new trailer expected imminently.