First Images From Red Dawn Remake

Chris Hemsworth in Red Dawn
Photo via Red Dawn

I am sure that most people had forgotten about the remake of the 1980’s World War III classic: Red Dawn. I know I had. The original starred the late, great Patrick Swayze and saw the plight of a group of teenagers forced to fight for survival against Soviet and Cuban forces.

As for the remake, it stars Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, and will no doubt have a very similar plot to the original, except this time the enemy is North Korea and the film will likely take a darker and grittier approach to the story, as that seems to be the staple of cinema at the moment.

Red Dawn actually wrapped up shooting in 2009, but due to financial problems over at MGM, as well as the film insulting China, it suffered numerous delays. In fact, the film apparently insulted China so much that allegedly it cost the studio somewhere around a million dollars to change all the flags and symbols to North Korean.

No doubt that with Hemsworth’s ever-growing popularity, now would be a good time to start advertising. Currently, Red Dawn has a November 21st release date set, so granted there’s no further delays, we may be seeing the film very soon.

In addition to Hemsworth, the film also stars Adrianne Palicki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Josh Hutcherson. You can check out the images below.

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