IMAX Reveals Gorgeous Captain Marvel Poster As Tickets Go On Sale


For those who want to “Experience Captain Marvel to the Fullest,” IMAX tickets for Carol Danvers’ solo debut are now on sale, and to mark this moment, IMAX has released a dazzling poster for the movie that sees the MCU’s most powerful hero journeying through the cosmos in her classic costume and helmet. You can check it out in the gallery down below, along with ones from RealD and Dolby.

Reportedly set in the year 1995, Captain Marvel holds real potential when it comes to establishing links with the wider MCU, both on Earth and in regions beyond. We already know that Djimon Hounsou and Lee Pace will be reprising their respective roles as Korath and Ronan the Accuser of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, and with the film scheduled to set up Carol’s arrival in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, there’s a distinct possibility that the story will hold a few further connections to Thanos and his peers.

Carol’s return to her home world will also see her interact with the likes of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson many years before they cross paths with the MCU’s present day heroes. Speaking of which, a recently leaked image from the next Captain Marvel TV spot seems to shows Carol opposite a young Monica Rambeau, and given the film’s position on the Marvel timeline, it seems almost inevitable that we’ll be catching up with the character in the 2010s, when she adopts one of her various superhero personas from the comics.

You can expect more material to come from the “exclusive look” at Captain Marvel that airs on ESPN tonight during the College Football Playoff National Championship game, but the biggest reveals will no doubt be saved for when the film hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.

Source: MCU Cosmic