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Immortals 2 Not Off The Table At Relativity

A new report from Screen Daily indicates that Relativity is still holding out hope for Immortals 2 with the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill.


Before Henry Cavill became the Man of Steel for Warner Bros., there was Immortals, a lavish fantasy drama that first released five years ago. In those intervening years, Relativity Media has continually dropped hints of its plans to push on with a sequel – not all that surprising, given the original 2011 hit pulled in $226 million worldwide – and the latest report from Screen Daily indicates that Immortals 2 may not be such a far-fetched idea after all.

In fact, it’s one of a number of embryonic follow-ups kicking around at Relativity, now that the company has teamed up with Storyoscopic Films to engineer “family films and branded features with global appeal.” Among that slate of sequels no one asked for are November Man 2, Act of Valor 2 and Earth to Echo 2.

Out of those prospective films, Immortals 2 appears to hold the most potential, and not just because it features Henry Cavill’s name on the masthead. In 2015, Relativity head honcho Ryan Kavanaugh was quoted as saying that a script was “almost ready,” and that Cavill himself was fully on board despite his ongoing commitment to Warner’s DC Extended Universe.

Per THR:

“We are early on… the script is almost ready, and Henry Cavill is the star. We would like to explore the idea of shooting an entire movie in India that can end up grossing $300 million-400 million worldwide. We are also thinking about casting one of the lead roles with an Indian actor. The two industries [India and the U.S.] can be unified to create something special.”

Whether Relativity issues the green light on Immortals 2 will be told in time, but those holding out for more action shots of Cavill battling unruly deities can at least take solace in the fact that the studio is actively working to make the sequel a reality.

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