Inactive Facebook Pages Tease New Avengers Movies And Ironheart


Though Marvel Studios is staying pretty quiet these days about their plans for the MCU’s Phase 4, they may have accidentally dropped a few hints about what’s in store by way of some unactivated Facebook pages.

Just yesterday, observed that the URLs “” and “” both send users to pages that are set to private. If you visit either of these URLs while using a desktop browser, you’ll be met with a “content isn’t available” message, not to be confused with the standard “404” message that you get when the page doesn’t exist.

Naturally, fans have started speculating that these URLs are for Marvel-owned pages dedicated to the upcoming Black Widow and The Eternals movies. In fact, with San Diego Comic-Con less than a week away from launching, there’s a very good chance that these two pages will become active very soon.

Now, some of you may be reading this and thinking, so what? After all, we’ve known for a long time that Black Widow and The Eternals each had films on the way, and it only figures that they’d each have their own Facebook pages. Well, it may interest you to know that, as reported by MCU Cosmic, fans have since found similar phantom pages for the URLs “,” “” and “”

It’s been rumored for a while now that Marvel Studios has some Dark Avengers, Young Avengers and Ironheart projects in the works, and these latest finds will no doubt fuel the speculation. Are Kevin Feige and his team already thinking ahead to the promotion of these three projects? Is it possible that they plan to announce one or more of these films at next week’s SDCC? Perhaps, but at the very least, you can bet that some Black Widow and Eternals updates are just around the corner.

Source: MCU Cosmic