The Incredibles 2 Trailer Likely Attached To Coco


It’s been nearly 14 years, but we’re about to reunite with the Parr family.

Trailer-Track has received word that the first teaser for Pixar’s upcoming sequel, The Incredibles 2, now has a certificate, just in time to be attached to Coco, which opens on November 22nd. At only a minute long, this will be far from a juicy look at the pic, but it’ll at least give us a taste of what writer/director Brad Bird’s been cooking up.

Given the apparently endless superhero vogue and Disney/Pixar’s habit of producing sequels to its animated classics, it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken so long for The Incredibles to get a second outing (especially as it directly teased one in the closing moments of the first film). Word is that this new effort will pick up exactly where we left off though, and that it’ll focus a bit more on Elastigirl (while Mr. Incredible remains at home looking after Jack-Jack).

Furthermore, we’ll apparently be getting an impressive 25 new superheroes in the film. Hopefully, we’ll see some fresh villains as well, though I don’t know whether they’ll be able to top ‘Bomb Voyage.’

My only reservations here come from the sense that for every sequel Pixar produces, we’re being denied an original story. Cars 3 was a deeply depressing stumble from one of the best studios in cinematic history and its poor box office hopefully indicates that the brakes have been put on that particular franchise.

However The Incredibles 2 turns out though, it looks as if Pixar’s at least got another bona fide hit on their hands with Coco, which is busy garnering critical acclaim and should have no trouble holding its own against Justice League in theaters later this month.