Incredibly Detailed Justice League Photo Beckons You Inside Barry Allen’s Lair


Step inside Barry Allen’s cluttered lair in this all-new photo for Justice League.

Dubbed The Flash Cave for obvious reasons, this is undoubtedly our best look at Barry’s HQ yet, and it’s teeming with all sorts of pop culture Easter Eggs – anyone catch the Rick and Morty reference? Lean a little closer and you’ll also notice that Captain Cold and Nikola Tesla are featured, and we imagine the latter is something of a childhood hero to the young Scarlett Speedster, given their affinity for lightning.

First teased in Batman V Superman, before a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo appearance in Suicide Squad, this year will finally herald our first true look at Barry Allen in action, who reluctantly joins forces with other DC metahumans – namely Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and, presumably, the Man of Steel – to fend off the impending apocalypse. Steppenwolf has declared war on planet Earth in the name of those three ancient Mother Boxes, and based on Justice League‘s epic trailers, it’s safe to assume that Darkseid’s unruly subordinate will be bringing the big guns come November.

Here’s a better look at that all-new still featuring Barry Allen in his natural environment. We’ve identified three Easter eggs of note, but can you spy any more?

Pretty neat, huh? If nothing else, this incredibly detailed image is further proof that the Justice League is aiming to deliver a comics-faithful rendition of the great Barry Allen, and actor Ezra Miller has spoken before about how his Scarlett Speedster fits into that group dynamic.

Justice League will jump-start a new wave of DC movies that ranges from the sure-fire hits (Wonder Woman 2) to the unknown quantities, such as David Sandberg’s long-brewing Shazam! movie. Assuming everything goes according to plan, moviegoers will be flocking to see both DC tentpoles in 2019.

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