Indiana Jones 5 Pitches Up In Italy Following Harrison Ford’s Return

indiana jones

When Indiana Jones 5 first started shooting this summer, set photos were making the rounds on an almost daily basis, revealing either Harrison Ford wearing the archeologist’s iconic outfit or a stunt double sporting an unsettling recreation of the his face.

Lucasfilm must have tightened the ship since then, because it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a look at any of the major players in action. Of course, a lot of that would has to do with Ford’s lengthy layoff following a shoulder injury, but he’s now back and firing on all cylinders according to the latest reports.

Not only that, but Indiana Jones 5 has officially left the United Kingdom and pitched up in picturesque Siciliy, with the historic town of Cefalù having been transported back to 1969, as you can see in the image below.

Cefalù is a coastal town with a population of just 14,000 that’s one of Europe’s most beautiful locations, so a mega budget Hollywood blockbuster rolling in doesn’t happen all that often. At least we can guarantee there’s going to be some stunning scenery in Indiana Jones 5, even if we aren’t sure of any plot details other than those to have remained entirely confined to the realm of rumor and speculation for the time being.