Indiana Jones 5 Reportedly Begins Filming In August

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After it took almost 20 years for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to escape from development hell and make it to the big screen, where it turned out to be one of the most divisive blockbusters of the modern era, even the most optimistic of fans surely don’t believe for a second that Indiana Jones 5 is going to be released in July 2022 as currently scheduled.

There’s already been plenty of behind the scenes upheaval on the project, with Steven Spielberg stepping down from directorial duties to be replaced by Logan‘s James Mangold, while the script is still being hammered out after multiple writers have taken a crack at it, including Crystal Skull‘s David Koepp and Jumanji: The Next Level‘s Jake Kasdan, with Disney veteran Dan Fogelman currently tackling the latest draft.

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford

Indy’s next adventure has already been delayed multiple times as well since first being officially announced in March 2016, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that production is tentatively penciled in to start next August. Even if that turns out to be the case, though, the project is guaranteed to be pushed back at least once more because it would be almost impossible to get a movie of such scale completed from start to finish in less than twelve months.

Of course, Harrison Ford will have passed his 80th birthday by the time Indiana Jones 5 lands in theaters whenever that may be, and if it even comes close to following the trajectory of Crystal Skull‘s painfully slow and torturous journey through development, then it’ll be a good few years yet before cinema’s most famous archeologist eventually makes his way back to our screens – if it even happens at all.