Indiana Jones 5 Rumored To Feature Time Travel

indiana jones

For the most part, the Indiana Jones franchise has always been rooted in at least some degree of grounded reality, albeit one where a teacher abandons his day job to throw on a fedora to save the world while battling Nazis and mystical MacGuffins, at least until the little green men showed up at the end of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It’s a fantasy action-adventure, so audiences know to go in with their disbelief suspended at a decent height. However, some things would probably push the iconic archeologist too far into a direction longtime fans wouldn’t want to see, and time travel would surely be on that list.

With that in mind, a new rumor emanating from Twitter claims that the currently shooting fifth installment will involve time travel in some fashion, but that’s about the extent of the information on offer. We did see a stunt double wearing a creepy Harrison Ford mask, but we all assumed it was for flashbacks, but if the scuttlebutt pans out it could revolve around two versions of Indy coming face-to-face.

On paper, this sounds like a terrible idea. That’s not to say it couldn’t work, but it wouldn’t feel much like an Indiana Jones movie, either. Of course, it remains entirely unconfirmed and speculative for now, so we’ll just have to wait and find out as the movie gets closer to release.