Watch: Indiana Jones 5 Set Video Teases WWII Flashbacks

indiana jones

Indy is finally back in action. After years of being stuck in development, Indiana Jones 5 at last started production this month, with set pics already revealing our first look at Harrison Ford in his classic costume as the world’s most beloved archaeologist. After The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull proved so unpopular in 2008, it’s likely this fifth movie will aim to more closely recapture the nostalgia of the 80s trilogy. And these new photos tease one way it’ll do that.

Filming on Indy 5 is currently underway in Northern England and Scotland and a local fan recently took to Twitter to share a video of a train – a British Railways standard class 9F, to be exact – that had been redecorated to resemble a Nazi locomotive for the major Disney blockbuster.

Take a look at it in the tweet below:

Indiana Jones

This train heavily suggests that the film will feature some flashbacks to World War II, which will allow the opportunity for Indy to do what he does best – punch Nazis. This follows on from other set photos that depicted Ford’s stunt double wearing what looked to be a – very creepy – mask modelled after the star in his youth. What we can likely expect, then, is some 1940s-set scenes in which Ford will be de-aged with CGI to recreate Indy in his heyday. Given how these scenes appear to be the first material being shot, they may take place near the beginning of the movie.

Going by leaked plot details, we know Indy 5 will be set in the late 1960s, against the backdrop of the Space Race. Mads Mikkelsen is playing the main villain, a former Nazi scientist enlisted into working for NASA. Maybe Jones met Mikkelsen’s character during WWII and these flashbacks will explain that? Whatever the specifics, we now definitely know we’re getting some wartime action.

Indiana Jones 5 releases in theaters on July 29th, 2022.