Indiana Jones 5 Reportedly Set During 1960s Space Race

indiana jones

For a long time it really started to feel as though Indiana Jones 5 would suffer from the same fate as predecessor Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which spent two decades mired in development hell as countless scripts were written and rejected. Even former scribe David Koepp admitted after he left the fifth installment that nobody could agree on a tone or creative direction, but it’s looking to be all systems go for Harrison Ford’s return as the iconic adventurer.

Director James Manglold has been filling out the cast in recent weeks by adding Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thomas Kretschmann, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson and Mads Mikkelsen to the ensemble, with the latter set to portray the villain because that’s apparently the only way Hollywood will cast him in a big budget blockbuster, and the latest rumor says that he’s playing a Nazi scientist working at NASA “on the space agency’s moon landing initiative.”

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford

Naturally, then, that means that the space race is probably going to be one of the driving forces behind the plot. Mangold already confirmed that Indy 5 will be taking a trip to 1960s New York, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took place in 1957, so it certainly makes a lot of sense from at least a timeline perspective.

Narratively, you’d hope that Lucasfilm would have learned from the fan reactions to the last installment and avoided the idea of having aliens actually show up on screen to cause problems for the title hero, but there’s still an exciting big budget cross between a period piece, Cold War thriller and action blockbuster on the horizon if Indiana Jones 5 does indeed involve Nazis, NASA and Mads Mikkelsen breaking bad as a rogue scientist.