Indie Horror-Comedy Fear Inc. Taps Scream Queens Star Abigail Breslin


Up-and-comer Abigail Breslin – star of Scream Queens and, soon, ABC’s small-screen remake of Dirty Dancing – has landed a key role in new horror-comedy, Fear Inc. 

Breslin now joins a cast that includes Lucas Neff, Leslie Jordan, Patrick Renna and Caitlin Stasey, while it’s understood that Vincent Masciale will take point to direct. The plot will revolve around a group of aloof crooks who offer out their services to people who want to experience the physical manifestation of their deepest, darkest fears.

But threatening to scupper those horrific business plans is Joe Foster’s (Lucas Neff) adrenaline junkie, who leaves the rest of the group questioning the scheme and one another when those fabricated scares become all too real. Are they really just pawns on a larger chess board, or victims of a sick prank?

Featuring a script by Luke Barnett, Deadline reports that production is already underway on Fear Inc., flanked by the producing support of Heather Kasprzak and Natalie Masciale of Lone Suspect. Amasia Entertainment, meanwhile, is attached to co-finance and executive produce the genre mash-up.

On paper, Masciale’s feature reads like a perfect fit for Breslin, given her experience with light-hearted murder mysteries via Fox’s Scream Queens. Only last month, the network ordered a second season of the series for later in 2016. As for Fear Inc., we expect the horror-comedy to make its bow before the year’s end.

Source: Deadline

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