Infinity War Scribes Say Avengers 4 Will Be Bigger And Better


I think it’s safe to assume that a significant portion of the Marvel fandom has yet to feast their eyes upon Avengers: Infinity War. Granted, hauling in $39 million on opening night was a great start, an MCU record in fact, but we can all agree, there’s plenty more where that came from.

What I’m driving at is, the Anthony and Joe Russo-directed blockbuster hasn’t even been in theaters for one full day (in North America, at least), and Marvel already has us looking towards Avengers 4. Slated for release next year on May 3rd, the film’s scribes, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, also the writing team behind Infinity War, are now facilitating fan anxiety by promoting the upcoming installment, further complicating our grieving process.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, McFeely and Markus revealed that Avengers 4 will be “better” and “bigger” than Infinity War. I mean, are we even capable of perceiving or comprehending something with that level of awesomeness?

When asked if they consider the upcoming pic to be their Marvel swan song, the writing duo gave the following response:

McFeely: If it is, we’re pretty happy with it. Because boy, Avengers 4, if anything, is better than what you just saw.

Markus: And bigger.

As of right now, very little is known about Avengers 4, other than the fact it exists and will have plenty of dough to work with, should box office projections for Infinity War hold true. Of course, we’ll also be dealing with a much smaller character roster. At least, to start with.

Because now that Thanos has snapped his fingers, and reduced half of the universe to dust, only the MCU’s Phase One heroes – namely Thor, Cap, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye and a wounded Iron Man – remain. Couple this with the oncoming arrival of Captain Marvel (and Ant-Man!) and it looks certain that the original gang will be the ones forced to save the day during Avengers 4.

How, exactly? That’s another question entirely…

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