Inhumans Star Names The Marvel Superhero They’d Love To Play


Whichever way you want to cut it, Marvel Studios trying to adapt Inhumans for live-action was a disaster. The feature film version remains the only project in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was announced and given a release date, but never actually made it out of development hell.

The concept was then refitted as the basis for an eight-episode miniseries that aired on NBC, which was quite simply terrible. Ratings plummeted on a weekly basis, reviews blasted the cheap-looking costumes and dull plotting, and it was canceled after a single season having already earned a reputation as the single worst piece of film or television content that’s ever been put out during the Kevin Feige era.

Anson Mount had the displeasure of playing Inhumans leader Black Bolt on the show, where he got to walk around in a ridiculous outfit without saying a word. However, the actor revealed in an interview with ScreenRant that he was actually a big fan of the character, but he’d love to play another superhero even more.

“If you give me my choice of Marvel characters, I think Black Bolt would have been number two, second only to Gambit. Gambit is just one of the coolest characters in the Marvel universe and obviously I’m partial to him because he’s the Southern superhero. He’s definitely not one of the more powerful characters if you line them all up facing each other.

But his wit and his ability to overcome such a dark past and then the far future reaches that Marvel has done with him in terms of the scope of his possible futures, it’s just amazing. I think it’s a really rich territory and even if it’s not with me, I hope Marvel does something with Gambit. Now, I’m probably too old so, you know, there’s some people out there that have been calling about Reed Richards, but I don’t know. My dance card’s a little full right now and so is theirs.”

Gambit also knows a thing or two about being stuck in development hell, with the plug ultimately being pulled altogether when Disney acquired Fox, although the Cajun mutant had already endured a number of false dawns prior to that point. At 48 years old, Mount is right that his opportunity has long since passed, but with the X-Men getting rebooted, it’s inevitable we’ll be seeing Remy LeBeau in the MCU eventually.