Insider Says “Prepare To Be Impressed” With Justice League, Aquaman And Wonder Woman Steal The Film


Wonder Woman is the DCEU film on everyone’s mind at the moment, and understandably so given that it’s due to storm into theatres tomorrow (or today, depending on which side of the pond you live). Not only is its release imminent, but Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster is scoring some fantastic reviews so far, sitting at an impressive 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a big win for Warner Bros. then, not to mention in-development female superhero projects everywhere, and the flick has no doubt made some important strides in getting the DC Extended Universe back on track, after the rough reception it received with efforts like Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

But as good as it may be, the real test for the franchise will ultimately come a bit later this year in the form of Justice League – scheduled for release on November 17th – one of the most highly anticipated comic book movies ever. Bringing together several iconic DC superheroes on the big screen, in live-action, for the first time, the film is one on which fans are heavily focused.

To date, we’ve heard some very mixed things about Zack Snyder’s upcoming effort, but given how well Wonder Woman ultimately turned out, there’s a cloud of optimism starting to build around the flick. Granted, it’ll still be quite a while before we know for sure what we’re in for, but if some recent buzz is to be believed, it sounds like the DCEU may have another win on their hands here.

Earlier this week, co-host of the Batman on Film podcast, Rick Shew, Tweeted that he’d spoken to someone who’s seen an unedited version of the movie. The individual in question wasn’t a fan of Batman V Superman, but did tell Shew that he should “prepare to be impressed” with Justice League. Of course, Shew wouldn’t reveal who this person was, but did go to bat for him, assuring us that he’s “legit” and a “straight shooter,” while also letting slip that he’s a corporate executive at a major movie theatre chain. Finally, Shew noted that this same source told him that Wonder Woman and Aquaman steal the film – which isn’t too difficult to imagine.

As with all early buzz surrounding Justice League, and any movie, really, we advise taking this with the usual grain of salt, especially since we’re still so far out from release. That being said, you can’t deny that reactions like these are exciting to hear and with the DCEU now starting to pick up some momentum and clearing away all that doom and gloom that’s surrounded it for so long, we’re hopeful that November’s big team-up flick can manage to truly steer the franchise back in the right direction.

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