Interesting Featurette On The Sound Design Of The Dark Knight Rises

Though many may not even notice the sound design in a film, the good folks at SoundWorks most certainly do. Like they’ve done in the past with most big blockbusters, the team has put together a fascinating featurette that focuses on the sound design and music of The Dark Knight Rises.

We get a look at how the sound of the Bat was done, how Bane’s unique voice was crafted, composer Hans Zimmer’s score and much more. It’s all very interesting stuff and in particular, I enjoyed hearing about the design behind Bane’s voice as that was something that I found a bit distracting in the film and wasn’t exactly a fan of.

Personally, I really love these SoundWorks featurettes. They’re very well done and help to shed a light on one area of filmmaking that may not be that mainstream. Honestly, how many of you actually pay attention to sound design when you go to see a movie? I’m betting not many of you do.

Whether you’re interested in sound design, filmmaking, or The Dark Knight Rises in general, I highly recommend this featurette. In fact, do yourself a favor, watch all of the SoundWorks featurettes, it’s time well spent, especially if you’re a fan of the movie that the featurette focuses on.

Anyways, enough from me, I’ll let the video below speak for itself.

Check out the SoundWorks featurette on the sound design and music of The Dark Knight Rises.