International TV Spot For Warcraft Teases Epic Battle Scenes


Coming just a week after the reveal of the first full trailer for the upcoming big screen Warcraft adaptation, the first TV spot has appeared online, debuting some epic new clips from the film.

The international teaser offers little in the way of extra dialogue or exposition, but that’s hardly surprising considering how quickly it has followed the initial full-length trailer. Given how well paced and epic that first look proved to be, it’s nice to see that there were a few new spectacle shots available for this teaser – suggesting that there will be no shortage of grand action and scale in this movie adaptation.

New footage on offer in the TV spot include some quick panning shots covering huge battles and conflicts, with the special effects and polish in the trailer already looking mouth-wateringly good.

Warcraft is set to release on June 10th, 2016, so expect to see plenty more of Duncan Jones’ highly-anticipated film before then.