The Internet Is Going Crazy For Wonder Woman 1984


Wonder Woman 1984 has finally made its debut in theaters and on WB’s streaming service HBO Max, and the internet is losing it over all the action and emotion that Patty Jenkins has packed into her sequel.

After several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gal Gadot’s next solo adventure as Diana Prince is now available for fans to experience and this time, the movie takes us to the Cold War era, with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor also making a comeback after sacrificing himself to save the world during the events of the first film. And so, with two different villains in the form of Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and a narrative that the cast has so far kept pretty close to the chest, it’s safe to say that WW84 is as plot heavy and surprising as it is emotionally engaging.

Of course, after the overwhelmingly successful debut of the first installment back in 2017, it’d make sense for some fans to have reservations about whether the sequel could actually stick the landing like its predecessor. But the critical consensus seems to have favored 1984, which usually isn’t the case with DCEU films. And now, it looks as though audiences are also loving the flick, as you can see below.

It’s reasonable to assume, of course, that not everyone shares these strong sentiments. But if the early reactions are anything to go by, then the DCEU may’ve reached an all-new peak in terms of fan appreciation.

Have you had the opportunity to watch Wonder Woman 1984, though? If so, what were your thoughts on the sequel? Let us know in the usual place down below.