The Internet’s Now Debating What It Means To Be A True Star Wars Fan

Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker is currently playing in theaters as the final film in the Sequel Trilogy, bringing the saga to a conclusive end after more than 40 years of storytelling. Yet, the fact that it’s as controversial as its predecessor is all the proof you need to realize that Star Wars is perpetually doomed to be divisive.

The Last Jedi surprised viewers by exploring new themes that went against what Abrams had planted in The Force Awakens. These were mysteries that people wanted to be solved by the end of the Sequel Trilogy, but Rian Johnson didn’t care much about catering to fan requests, and ultimately decided it was better to serve the characters and the narrative as a whole. Though director J.J. Abrams insists that The Rise of Skywalker isn’t backtracking from its predecessor in any way, no one can deny that the two movies fail to tonally or thematically complement each other.

This has led to an uproar on the internet, with The Last Jedi loyalists, among which movie critics have been the most vocal, and The Rise of Skywalker lovers constantly digging at each other’s throat for dominion over the volatile fandom. And perhaps with more than 40 years of content at our disposal, it’s high time we decided what it actually means to be a “Star Wars fan.”

Apparently, this is what the internet’s now debating, and if you care to dive into that particular swamp, you can read some of the arguments here:

After all the debates and controversies that fans have gone through, a moment of peace and unanimity for Star Wars seems improbable and far-fetched. Ironic, as both the forces of the dark side and the light keep clashing in a galaxy far, far away, so does this fandom.

This has all surfaced amidst rumors that there exists a director’s cut for The Rise of Skywalker which could drastically help the convoluted plot of the film and with one of the actors even somehow confirming the existence of this cut, we’ll have to wait and see whether Lucasfilm decides to release the extended version after the movie ends its theatrical run.