The Internet’s Demanding A 4-Hour Cut Of The Mummy

The Mummy

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is still dominating the cultural conversation, even managing to keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier out of the headlines, which is no mean feat. It’s not surprising, either, given that we’ll more than likely never see something like the Snyder Cut happen again.

Warner Bros. spending an additional $70 million to deliver a completely different version of a $300 million blockbuster over three years after it flopped in theaters, giving the original director complete creative control in the process, is unheard of. Naturally, then, talk has turned to what other movies could potentially be given the same treatment, in a strictly hypothetical sense of course.

Actor Devon Sawa put the question forward, and it’s since gone viral on Twitter. As you can see below, Stephen Sommers’ beloved actioner The Mummy has emerged as one of social media’s preferred choices, once again cementing the movie’s enduring popularity.

The Mummy

Obviously we’re not going to see the Sommers Cut when the version that initially hit theaters over 20 years ago was very much what the filmmaker had in mind for his old-fashioned pulpy adventure, but there’s no harm in wishful thinking. Sadly, the various home video releases of The Mummy only come packaged with a handful of deleted scenes, so it’s not as if there are mountains of footage locked away somewhere in the Universal vault, either.

Sommers hasn’t directed a feature film since 2013’s literary adaptation Odd Thomas, but perhaps if fans launch a campaign the same way they did for Justice League, they can convince him to give it a look. Then again, The Mummy and its sequel have a combined running time of over four hours already, so maybe they can just watch them back-to-back instead?