The Internet’s Very Divided On Michael B. Jordan’s New Tom Clancy Movie

Without Remorse

Michael B. Jordan is a sizeable star that’s appeared in several big budget blockbusters and more than a few box office success stories, but up until today, he’d never headlined a straightforward action movie of his own. Of course, it’s a rite of passage for any actor with designs on conquering the A-list to tool up and indulge in some running and gunning, and Without Remorse is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

The project was initially set for a theatrical release before Paramount sold the distribution rights off to the streaming service in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, but there’s still every chance that it’ll launch a multi-film franchise depending on how it fares in terms of viewership figures. How is the movie itself, though?

Well, it’s not great. Jordan is as reliable as ever in the lead and clearly put in a huge amount of work during his preparations for the role because he utterly convinces as an elite special forces solider driven by revenge to track down the killers of his wife and unborn child, but the narrative itself is completely formulaic and can be predicted from a mile off.

The response among social media users has been wildly mixed across the board, too, with just as many people loving Without Remorse as there are hating it, which you can tell from the myriad of reactions below.

Without Remorse

Without Remorse is a perfectly adequate and functional action thriller, but never comes close to greatness. The cast is generally solid and the action is well shot, but it’s missing any sort of real spark or genuine sense of excitement. That being said, it’ll still draw in a huge audience given that it’s streaming to over 150 million subscribers worldwide.