The Internet Wants Dwayne Johnson To Run For President After Calling Out Trump


Dwayne Johnson has had two major careers over his life, professional wrestler and actor, and he’s managed to rise to the top of the game in both jobs. Seeing as The Rock can do no wrong, then, folks are starting to wonder if he should jump careers again – to politics – and try to make it to number one on that career ladder, too. Yes, the people have spoken and they want President Rock.

Today, Johnson took to social media to share an impassioned, eight-minute message calling for Donald Trump – though he doesn’t mention the POTUS by name – to show more “compassionate leadership” in these troubled times. The video has gone viral, with folks impressed by The Rock’s eloquence and oratory skill. Basically, everyone’s agreed that he would make a far better president than the one we have now.

There’ve been rumors for some time that Johnson may actually be interested in running for office in the near future, but now he’s got the support of the whole internet. As you can see down below, countless Twitter users are calling for him to become our next (or next-but-one) president.

To put it simply, he needs to run.


“Rock for President!”

We’re convinced.

Are you ready, Dwayne?

He’s already more qualified than Trump.

Talk about qualified… He’s even already played the President for SNL!

We all wish it.

He’s already got people’s votes and he’s not even running (yet).

Even outside of this newfound campaign to get him into office, The Rock is a very busy guy right now, with a whole host of new movies on the way. Disney’s Jungle Cruise is the next one out, coming in summer 2021, with Black Adam – his long-awaited DC debut – due in the winter of that same year. A TV series, titled Young Rock, is also being made about his formative years, while another Jumanji film is in development, too. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Tell us, though, what do you say to Dwayne Johnson running for president? Sound off in the usual place.