The Internet’s Losing It Over Brie Larson’s Oscar Dress


For the second time in as many months, Brie Larson has the internet awash with reverence and lust over her choice of a dress. This time it surrounds her attire for the Academy Awards, a backless, cape-accessorized and figure-hugging garment that, while not displaying quite as much eye-pooping cleavage as when she guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live in December, nevertheless left a memorable impression.

The article in question was colored a champagne pink and adorned with so many thousands of sequins, beads and jewels, it seemed as though if Larson stood in strong sunlight the beams would refract into a thousand rainbows. In addition to the decoration, the dress’ plunging neckline and high leg split has provoked Twitter into another litany of commentary from people instilled with a need to share their awed and thirsty reactions to her appearance.

Brie Larson Oscar Dress banner

Larson, an Oscar-winner for her performance in the lead role of 2015 indie film Room, wasn’t up for any gongs this year, but was on hand to take presenting duties for Best Original Score. She was joined on stage by Gal Gadot and Sigourney Weaver, and used the moment to acknowledge her co-presenters, referring to the former as her “fellow superhero” and the latter as “the woman who paved the way for us.” The award ultimately went to Icelandic composer Hildur Guðnadóttir for Joker, the first woman from the island nation to win an Oscar and tacitly continuing the point about women gradually achieving recognition in fields previously denied to them.

There are doubtless some comments somewhere questioning Brie Larson’s combination of outspoken feminism and revealing attire, but there is certainly no reason the two of them have to be mutually exclusive, and it seems that the hate has for once been temporarily drowned out in breathless admiration.