The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Brie Larson’s Low-Cut Dress On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Brie Larson

Brie Larson has gone viral after guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and while I wish I could say it was due to her wit, charm or bubbly personality, a brief glance at a single shot from the show reveals the far, far more shallow reason as being the star’s choice of plunging neckline attire.

One thing about the internet you can always rely on, aside from the love of cats that aren’t unholy anthropomorphic abominations and Rickrolling somehow never going out of fashion, is people who are driven to extreme thirst making absolutely sure that everyone knows about it.

Such a thing occurred when the Captain Marvel star moonlighted as a late night talk show host in one of the most eye-catching dresses ever created, prompting some vocal comments of inevitable reactions. The video of her opening monologue posted to YouTube, which at the time of writing has racked up well over a million and a half views, was declared by one user to contain “the horniest comment section I’ve ever seen,” with multiple jokes about the Golden Globes, gravity and physics, guest Jamie Foxx struggling to maintain eye contact, and not actually having taken in anything she said. Such was the power of her appearance, in fact, that it seemed to make the usual contingent of her haters temporarily forget they despise her.

Yes, it seems the internet is going crazy for Brie’s recent late night stint, with many taking to Twitter to confess their newfound love for the actress or just sharing how good they thought she looked. And below, you can find but a sampling of what folks are saying on social media, with many more reactions where these came from.

See for yourself:

Brie Larson

Some reactions were a little subtler, simply stating that Larson looked better than they’d ever seen her appear, and others were encouraged by the sight of a woman owning her physical beauty and being unashamed to visually celebrate it.  Aside from her appearance though, which to be frank was undeniably stunning, Brie Larson also displayed precisely the kind of swaggering confidence and compelling charisma that a talk show host needs to maintain a following. So, you know, if she ever tires of appearing in the most lucrative movie franchise of all time, she certainly has the possibility of a fall back career.

Tell us, though, did you catch the MCU star on television the other night? If so, what did you think of her outfit? Sound off below and let us know.