Doctor Who Fans Say The Show Did Cat People Better Than New Cats Trailer

Doctor Who

You can’t have missed all the hullabaloo about the trailer for the upcoming Cats movie. The first look at the big screen adaptation of the classic musical was highly anticipated, as it comes from award-winning director Tom Hooper (Les Miserables). However, folks weren’t prepared for the terrifying, nightmarish sight of various famous faces plastered onto CGI cat bodies.

For Doctor Who fans, though, the whole thing is making them nostalgic for when the sci-fi series featured cat-human hybrids, and handled them much better. David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor encountered the Cat People of New-Earth in the far future in both 2006’s “New Earth” and 2007’s “Gridlock,” with the creatures being achieved via good old-fashioned prosthetics and make-up. And fans think the Cats movie should have followed suit.


Even those who don’t mind the looks of the characters in Cats have to admit that Doctor Who still wins out.

To be honest, even the Cheetah People from classic Doctor Who story “Survival,” which aired in 1989, are better than Cats. 

Apparently, the Sisters of Plenitude (evil cat nurses who genetically engineered humans to test diseases on) and Brannigan (a loveable guy with an Irish accent – he’s nothing like the Sisters, ok? Geez, don’t discriminate) are more popular than we thought. If showrunner Chris Chibnall is smart, he might want to think about bringing them back in season 12. Production’s still going on, so there must be time to squeeze them in somewhere.

We joke, but rumors say that a few old favorites might be making a comeback in the next run. The rhino-headed Judoon are officially confirmed to return, and the Cybermen are also said to be getting a darker redesign.

Doctor Who season 12 is set to arrive in early 2020, with a possible winter special coming beforehand. Cats, meanwhile, is due to give us a Christmas scare when it drops in theaters on December 20th.