Doctor Who Rumored To Be Getting A Christmas Special In 2019

Doctor Who

After 2018’s season 11 already courted controversy, there was a pretty hefty backlash against the BBC’s decision to scrap the traditional Doctor Who Christmas special last yuletide and schedule a New Year’s one-off episode instead. Following that, fans were then disappointed again by the news that season 12 wouldn’t arrive on our screens until 2020. A new rumor has materialized, however, which claims that the Beeb might have a surprise treat in store.

The Daily Star newspaper is reporting that Doctor Who might be getting a Christmas special in 2019, after all. Apparently, the BBC’s rethinking its plans after being “disappointed” with the New Year’s Day episode, “Resolution,” which nabbed a mere 5.5 million in the ratings – a far cry from the high numbers that’ve typically accompanied Christmas broadcasts.

All that being said, a spokesperson did warn the publication that it’s too soon to say for certain right now what’ll happen, telling them: “This is just speculation. It is far too early to say what the schedules will be at that time of the year.”

You might remember there were many conflicting rumors about when season 12 might air last year, several of which came from British tabloids. As such, we should probably listen to the above quote and treat this as “speculation” for now until we hear more on the subject.

What we can tell you with absolute certainty though is that season 12 has been shooting since January, with filming encompassing the UK, South Africa and Tenerife. Jodie Whittaker will return for her second round of adventures as the Thirteenth Doctor, with the season 11 TARDIS crew – consisting of Tosin Cole (Ryan), Mandip Gill (Yaz) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) – all coming back as well.

As we’ve been promised that season 12 will be ready for “very early 2020,” it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to shunt one episode forward a month, thereby giving us a Doctor Who Christmas special. But again, nothing’s been set in stone just yet and for now, we’ll be treating this one as speculation.