Doctor Who Fans Are Furious Over Season 12 Being Delayed


It just keeps getting worse and worse for fans of Doctor Who. Though season 11 was pretty enjoyable overall, it ended on a rather underwhelming note with tonight’s finale. And to add insult to injury, the BBC also revealed today that season 12 has been delayed.

Yes, though we’d heard rumors that the next run might be arriving a little late, we finally received confirmation today that Jodie Whittaker and her TARDIS team will be off the air following the New Year’s special until 2020. There’s no word yet on when in 2020 the next season will premiere, but fans are understandably pretty upset that there’ll be no new Who in 2019 – aside from the aforementioned special.

Taking to Twitter, they’ve begun to share their reactions and you can see just a sampling of what folks are saying down below:

Again, these reactions are perfectly understandable, especially given the disappointing finale, but at the same time, it’s probably better to give showrunner Chris Chibnall and his team the time they need to put together a new season rather than have them just rush one out in order to meet a pre-determined date. At least, that’s how the BBC probably feels, but it’s not likely to ease the frustrations of viewers.

In any case, at least we have the New Year’s special to look forward to, which might just feature the return of the Daleks if the trailer for it is anything to go by. True, Chibnall has already told us not to expect any classic monsters this year, but it’d certainly be a nice surprise for Doctor Who fans to see them make an appearance on January 1st, and would also help ease the blow caused by the news of the delay.