The Internet Is Loving Deep Blue Sea 3

Deep Blue Sea 3

Deep Blue Sea 3 has hit the internet, and one of the most frequent postings about it, aside from links to illicit downloads and queries of when the hell Deep Blue Sea 2 slipped into existence, are comments from viewers observing how surprisingly enjoyable they found it.

Deep Blue Sea 2 saw a shady biotech company experimenting on bull sharks to enhance their intelligence to develop mind-expanding pharmaceuticals, and ended with several of their number escaping into the ocean. This third movie takes place on an almost entirely abandoned fishing island where scientist Emma Collins and her team are researching the effects of climate change, when an assortment of stubbled manly men, led by Emma’s ex, come swaggering over the horizon as they attempt to track and capture the genetically modified predators, leading to the blue sea turning red in explosions of carnage.

Many people were surprised by how much they enjoyed the film and took to Twitter to express their thoughts. And below, you can find just a sample of what folks are saying:

While deep Blue Sea 2 is a painfully shameless retread of the plot, events and scares of the original movie that has little new to say, Deep Blue Sea 3 is a marked improvement. Although it follows on from the second film, it’s an entirely a standalone story and any relevant plot details are related through dialogue. The characters are more distinct and with clearer purpose, and the thrills are maintained far more consistently and with greater intensity.

Shark movies are always a little hit and miss, and while Deep Blue Sea 3 might not end up standing alongside the likes of Jaws, The Reef, The Shallows, Open Water or 12 Days of Terror, it’s certainly a lot more fun than a DTV third installment of a series that had no business becoming one in the first place has any right to be.