The Internet Is Loving Samuel L. Jackson’s New Netflix Movie

Samuel L. Jackson Death to 2020

Samuel L. Jackson’s latest movie is going down a storm online. 2020 has often been described as a Black Mirror episode come to life, and while Netflix didn’t offer up a new episode of the sci-fi anthology show, creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones did produce Death to 2020, a tongue-in-cheek mockumentary that looks back at the apocalyptic events of the past year.

The 70-minute special features a range of famous faces, including the MCU star, who plays a New York journalist in the Laurence Fishburne-narrated dark comedy. Other major names who appear alongside him in talking head segments include Hugh Grant as an eccentric historian, Lisa Kudrow as a conservative spokeswoman, Leslie Jones as an anti-social behavior psychologist, Joe Keery as a YouTube personality and Cristin Milioti as a stereotypical “Karen.”

Critics have been pretty stuffy about it, but Twitter users seem to have fallen in love with Death to 2020 since it dropped on the streaming giant on December 27th. And here’s just a flavor of the praise going around on social media.

The most hilarious thing 2020’s given us.

Jackson’s segments definitely didn’t hold back.


Milioti was terrific, too.

Not to mention Kudrow.

And Hugh Grant, with his Game of Thrones gags.

“Sheer brilliance.”


The credits even found time to squeeze in an extra slice of Jackson. And he’s never been so relatable.

Samuel L. Jackson Death to 2020

2020 was a slim year for new releases for the star, but that’s not the case for 2021. Samuel L. Jackson has got three major movies due out soon – crime thriller The Asset co-starring Michael Keaton and Maggie Q, flashy Saw reboot Spiral and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, the sequel to the 2017 action-comedy also featuring Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek. He’s set to reprise Nick Fury in Marvel’s Secret Invasion TV series as well, which is in development now.

Tell us, though, have you caught Death to 2020 on Netflix yet? If so, did you enjoy it? Share your reactions in the comments section down below.