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The Internet Now Wants To Cancel Miss Piggy After Pepé Le Pew

The internet is wondering if Miss Piggy should be cancelled next after Pepé Le Pew was removed from Space Jam 2.

Muppets Miss Piggy

Following a much-discussed New York Times piece which criticized Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew for perpetuating rape culture, it’s been revealed that Warner Bros. will no longer feature the amorous skunk in future movies and TV shows in the beloved cartoon franchise. This unexpected development has led to much discussion online, and now that iconic childhood characters are being cancelled, folks are wondering… is Miss Piggy next?

Ever since the 1970s, Miss Piggy has been lashing out at her green beau Kermit whenever he says the wrong thing, as well as generally acting aggressively to get the good-natured frog’s attention, even though Kermit is often depicted as not being as into her as she is him. With Le Pew getting cancelled for less violent behavior, Twitter users are arguing that maybe Miss Piggy should be held accountable, too, with some people being more serious about it than others.

In the wake of Le Pew’s removal, #CancelACartoonCharacter has been trending online, with fans offering (mostly) tongue-in-cheek suggestions for children’s characters who have likewise crossed the line. And Miss Piggy is being mentioned a lot. 

But if Miss Piggy’s going, why doesn’t she take some other Muppets with her?

Muppets Miss Piggy

All five seasons of The Muppet Show recently debuted on Disney Plus, so fans have been able to revisit the Muppets’ early days and see how the characters started out, with some of the humor certainly being a bit dated. Over time, Miss Piggy‘s personality was toned down, though, and she’s far less likely to harass Kermit in modern media. The porcine icon will probably be able to escape cancellation, then, as long as she behaves herself.

Pepé Le Pew, meanwhile, will not have a role in Space Jam: A New Legacy. A scene where he learns the importance of consent from star LeBron James was filmed, but ultimately removed.

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