The Internet’s Blasting WB For Space Jam 2’s Clockwork Orange Crossover

Space Jam: A new Legacy

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. removed Pepé Le Pew from all future Looney Tunes projects to keep a lid on the controversy that erupted around the character after he was blasted for “normalizing rape culture” in a viral New York Times article. Sure enough, the first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy didn’t feature the amorous French skunk, but it did contain some other surprise cameos. And the internet is ripping the studio to shreds over it.

You see, Space Jam 2 is set to be populated by various characters from Warner Bros.’ back catalogue. We get a glimpse at the crowd watching LeBron James’ basketball game with Bugs Bunny and company in the trailer and standing at the edge of the court are the Droogs from Stanley Kubrick’s dark dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange. In case you’re not familiar with the film, the Droogs are self-styled ultra-violent street thugs, so they’re not really compatible with something that’s meant to be fun for all the family.

The fact that the Droogs are in Space Jam 2 but Pepé isn’t is causing folks to blast the studio for being hypocritical, though some are seeing the funny side of the situation.

Conversely, others are seriously insulted by the move.

Here’s a window into how the conversations went at WarnerMedia Towers.

“Art is now officially dead.”

Warner Bros. is not coming out of this in a good light.

Like the tweeter above reminds us, there are also some Game of Thrones crossovers teased in the trailer and once we see the full flick, we’re bound to spot many other figures from R-rated properties, too. That is, unless the studio decides to edit out these offending characters before the movie releases in response to all this controversy. But at this point, it looks like Warner Bros. is just going to keep finding ways to annoy their fans whatever they do.

To be fair, there is still a lot of positive buzz for Space Jam: A New Legacy as well and we’ll see how things turn out when it hits theaters and HBO Max this July 16th.