The Internet Is Loving The First Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer

Space Jam: A New Legacy

25 years later, Space Jam is getting a sequel. Warner Bros. has been working on a follow-up to the hit 1996 film starring Michael Jordan for ages, and now Space Jam: A New Legacy is finally almost here. This Saturday, WB dropped the first trailer for the dream team-up between LeBron James and Bugs Bunny that we’ve all been waiting to see, and the internet is going crazy for it. It’s generating a lot of hype for paying homage to the original movie, but also expanding it in major ways.

Like Jordan before him, A New Legacy sees James sucked into the Looney Tunes’ world and forced to participate in an all-important basketball game. This time around, though, Don Cheadle’s A.I. villain has kidnapped his son and LeBron has to assemble the Tune Squad to get him back. Along the way, he’ll travel through “The ServerVerse” – AKA the Warner Bros. Multiverse – and encounter various characters from cinematic history. Sonequa Martin-Green co-stars, with Malcolm D. Lee directing.

Social media is full of reactions to the trailer, but this one probably sums up everyone’s thoughts best.

It’s getting a lot of applause for its visual style, blending traditional 2D animation, CG animation and live-action.

Comparisons to Ready Player One and Avengers: Endgame are being tossed around, too.

There’s also a lot of love for Lola Bunny right now.

Especially her Dwayne Wade impression.

It’s become an instant meme.

Hype definitely increased.

We’re all Stewie.

There’s been some negativity surrounding the movie of late, what with the decisions to remove Pepé Le Pew and redesign Lola proving to be controversial, so the studio will be pleased that this trailer has managed to wipe all that away. Some of us have been waiting two decades and a half for it, but Space Jam: A New Legacy at long last drops in theaters and on HBO Max this July 16th.