Spider-Man Fans Are Freaking Out Over Tom Holland’s Self-Quarantine


This weekend, Tom Holland gave fans a bit of a scare as he took to Instagram Live to reveal that he’s come down with an illness. Given the current health crisis, everyone’s assuming he may have contracted coronavirus, though the Spider-Man star himself notes that he doesn’t think that’s what he’s got – but he isn’t sure.

As sad as it is that Holland isn’t feeling well, at least he’s bringing people a lot of joy with his social media updates while he’s in self-quarantine. And the result is that the internet is kind of losing it over the whole situation.

On the one hand, many are getting worried for the British actor’s health.

COVID-19, you (might) have gone too far this time!

We were all flat Squidward when we saw Holland’s name trending.

At least the actor is keeping up his usual quirky sense of humor during his self-isolation. This reply to an infatuated fan is particularly on point:

For some folks, Holland’s livestream was a bit of an information overload. Wait, what was that about a chicken?

Yes, it’s true, Tom Holland really did buy himself a chicken because he couldn’t find any eggs in his local stores. Why haven’t the rest of us thought of that quick-fix?

Mixed emotions all-round.

Spider-Man: Work From Home, coming to a theater near you never.

Remember, in this difficult time, we must all follow the latest expert medical advice. Just like Tom Holland, we should all be self-quarantining with a chicken.

The Avengers: Endgame actor’s latest project is Pixar’s Onward. What with the pandemic forcing many cinemas to close though, Disney has made the film available to watch on VOD earlier than usual, so you can catch it from the comfort of your own home now. Meanwhile, he next returns to the MCU in Spider-Man 3, coming next summer.

Feel better soon, Tom Holland!