Interstellar Lands Positive Buzz From Preview Screenings


In roughly two weeks time, there’s gonna be one thing causing a ruckus around the water cooler and that’s Christopher Nolan’s eagerly-awaited Interstellar. The sci-fi spectacular has made a ton of waves purely based on its trailers, stills and posters, each a beautiful teaser for an epic journey that looks set to completely redefine cinema. Think I’m being hyperbolic? This opinion is becoming one held by practically every person who’s been lucky enough to catch an advanced screening.

The weeks preceding the release of such a major picture are often a bit problematic for cinephiles. This is largely because the internet soon becomes awash with spoilers and such, that tend to ruin films before everyone has the chance to see them on the big screen. However, it seems the folks who have seen it loved it so much that they’ve not wanted to tarnish the experience for the rest of us! That’s right, there’s not been a single spoiler-filled Tweet. How awesome is that?

Practically all of the responses have been incredibly positive, and simply heralded the film for its achievements – and not divulged plot details. The majority of feedback expands on Nolan’s own comparison – to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – suggesting it might even surpass it! You can check out some of the Tweets below, some of which originate from names you may rrecognize

Interstellar launches into orbit on 70mm, 35mm and 70mm IMAX on November 5th, before its general release on November 7th.

Source: Slash Film