First Interstellar Trailer Leaks Onto The Web


UPDATE: The official trailer has now been made available and is embedded at the bottom of this post.

A leaked trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar was posted on Reddit today. Debuting in theatres last night in front of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, those who haven’t had a chance to catch Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth yet can now watch the Interstellar trailer from the comfort of their own home.

Oozing with Nolan’s trademark directorial style, this is very much a teaser and as expected, it doesn’t dive too far into plot details nor does it show much footage from the film. The whole thing is narrated by lead Matthew McConaughey as themes of hope, and how that ties into America’s cultural identity relative to space exploration, shine through. That’s my stab at it, anyways, but that’s pretty much just conjecture. One Reddit user named TheAbbotHawkings sums it up pretty well:

Interesting…before watching the trailer I had no idea what this movie was about.

Now that I’ve watched the trailer, I have no idea what this movie is about.

Like with all great leaks, this one seems to be recorded by a toaster and is full of crowd murmuring. Here’s to hoping that we can get a better look at the trailer shortly, along with some more explicit plot details. For now though, we’ll take what we can get and if you’re fine with the low quality, then you can check out the trailer below.

While we still don’t know very much about Interstellar just yet, the idea of Christopher Nolan taking on space exploration sounds pretty great to me. I admittedly wasn’t a huge fan of The Dark Knight Rises, but I’m confident that Nolan is going to weave his unique voice and tedious craftsmanship into this film. Space exploration is a really important theme these days too. I think we’ve collectively lost a lot of our belief in the power and importance of it and the fact that NASA cut funding a while back definitely hasn’t helped things either. So needless to say, I’m very much behind the idea of Interstellar.

Then again, I’m probably reading way too much into everything. Christopher Nolan + space =  good things. That’s probably all that needs to be said.

Anyways, without further ado, check out the first trailer for Interstellar below and then feel free to head to the comments to let us know what you think of it.