Interstellar’s Interactive App Takes You To The Stars; New Posters Also Released


Paramount Pictures has today launched — yes, pun intended — an interactive app for Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated Interstellar that is designed to condense the film’s space-time premise into a portable experience.

Available to download here, the application was designed by one Kip Throne, a theoretical physicist who also served as the film’s scientific advisor. In essence, budding astronauts are able to venture into the far reaches of space aboard The Endurance — the same interplanetary vessel from the movie — drinking in the celestial scenery as they go.

As you’d expect from a Nolan product, The Interstellar Experience adheres to real-world physics and even introduces players to gravitational forces, wayward asteroids and wormholes — with the latter playing a crucial parts in the events of the sci-fi adventure.

You see, Interstellar takes place in the not-so-distant and frighteningly realistic future where planet Earth is ebbing closer to death. Crippled by overpopulation and the effects of climate change, humanity are forced to abandon the doomed planet and instead look up, all in the hope of finding and earth-like planet that can potentially support life.

Nolan’s ambitious movie stars Matthew McConaughey in the lead as Cooper, who leaves behind his wife — played by Jessica Chastain — and two daughters to embark on the seemingly impossible mission into the night. The film’s ensemble cast also includes Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck and Michael Caine.

Interstellar will debut in North America and the United Kingdom on November 7th, 2014. Until then, you can check out the latest posters for the film — which showcase the cosmos for the first time — and let us know if you’ll be checking out Nolan’s cerebral opus in the comments.

Source: Paramount

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