Roundtable Interview With Dane DeHaan On The Place Beyond The Pines

Though we still wouldn’t exactly call him a household name just yet, there’s no denying that actor Dane DeHaan is starting to carve out quite the career for himself. After breaking out in Chronicle, the actor went on to star in films like Lawless, Kill Your Darlings and will also have a decent sized role in the upcoming sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But for now, he is focusing on his newest film, The Place Beyond The Pines, which hits theatres this week.

Last week, DeHaan arrived in New York for the film’s press day and we were lucky enough to chat with him at a roundtable interview. The actor spoke about his role in the film, working with director Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, how his recent success has changed his life and more.

Check it out below.

Question: Where do you want to go with this very hot career of yours that is really starting to take off?

Dane DeHaan: I don’t know, I just want to keep going I guess. If someone asked me five years ago where I want to be in five years I definitely would have sold myself short. I just live day to day and try not to make too many goals or expectations.

Question: Your character in The Place Beyond The Pines is a very conflicted one. Can you describe what is going through his mind in the film? What’s his journey?

Dane DeHaan: I mean, there’s obviously a lot going through his mind. He feels out of place and he knows that there is something deep inside of him, in his blood, that is missing. He feels like if he can find out the answers to the questions he has, it will set him free. So he’s trying to do the best he can to find these answers, so he can start to carve his own path and blaze his own trail and get out of that town. He wants to be somewhere where he can exist as a comfortable human being.

Question: How was it working with Bradley Cooper for that big scene in the woods?

Dane DeHaan: It was great. Derek creates such a realistic and visceral environment for actors and he really encourages you to dig deep. He gives you permission to bear your soul. I think actors feel like they can trust each other. They feel safe, even though it’s terrifying. So ya, that scene was awesome. We did a lot of takes for it too, Derek isn’t the kind of guy who just does a couple takes.

Question: How did you get cast in this film?

Dane DeHaan: I was in Cape Town shooting Chronicle and I got sent the script and really liked it. It was the part of AJ that my agent wanted for me but when I read it, I decided that I wanted to audition for Jason. So I made the tape, sent it to New York and Derek really liked it. When I was done with Chronicle, I went to New York and met with Derek real quick. A week later when I was back in LA I heard from Derek that I had got the job.

Question: Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just as challenging as this film was?

Dane DeHaan: Absolutely. For me it’s the same job. I look at a character and I try to figure out who that person is and then I try to make them a living, breathing, human being on the screen. I try to fool myself into believing that what’s happening to them is happening to me.

Question: Are you able to have the same discussions with Marc Webb and Derek Cianfrance? Are they both the same or are they very different?

Dane DeHaan: Ya, they’re different but both Marc and Derek are very open to discussion. Marc is a very collaborative person actually. He’s totally open to ideas and changing things to make them better. He always encourages us to go off script if we feel like it. You’d think that the film would be very regimented but the way that he works and the reason that he’s so successful at making Spider-Man such a human superhero is because he encourages changes that have to do with character development and he allows his actors to have freedom.

Question: Are you signed on for The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Dane DeHaan: I have no idea what’s happening with that film yet. It’s way too early.

Question: Do you have interests outside of acting?

Dane DeHaan: Ya, I really enjoy golfing. I like to draw parallels between golfing and acting. Both of them are things that you can work really hard on for your entire life but you’ll never be as good as you want to be at either of them. They’re like these epic lifelong journeys where you strive to perfection but can never achieve it.

Question:  How has success changed your life?

Dane DeHaan: I don’t know actually. I have a nicer apartment now, I guess. But I still feel like the same person and still have the same friends. I’m super close with all of my college friends. I feel less pressure now too. When you get out of school and have no idea if you’re ever going to be an actor again you have so much pressure. Now I feel like I can take my time and let it breathe and just do what I want to do.

That concludes our interview but we’d like to thank Dane for talking the time to talk with us. Be sure to check out The Place Beyond The Pines, in theatres this Friday.