Iron Man 3 Releases A New Clip And TV Spot

Iron Man 3 We Got This Covered Review


The hype train for Iron Man 3 continues today with the release of a new clip and TV spot. I’ve already seen the film at a press screening last week and this promotional material still excites me. I cannot wait to catch the film again in theatres. Everything that our very own Paul McNamee wrote in his review is true. Iron Man 3 is one hell of a movie and Marvel’s best effort yet. It’s even better than The Avengers, in my eyes at least.

The film opened overseas in most international markets last week and has already amassed a whopping $195 million. When it touches down in North America this Friday, you can expect it to smash the box office in a similar fashion. It already beat out the record breaking opening weekend that The Avengers had last year overseas and I think it can do the same when it reaches the US.

But I digress. The clip and TV spot seen below are both excellent. The studio has done a fantastic job at marketing this film without giving too much away. Having seen Iron Man 3, I can tell you that there’s a lot that can be spoiled but so far, the trailers and whatnot have done a great job at not showing too much but showing just enough to get us excited.

The clip shows off one of the film’s better scenes and one that I personally loved. We see Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, having to solve a bit of a puzzle while diving through the air. I won’t spoil it for you but like I said, it’s a fantastic scene. As for the TV spot, it’s more of the same and is clearly serving the purpose of building the hype but hey, the film deserves the hype that surrounds it. It really is that good.

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