Tony Attends Steve’s Funeral In Heartbreaking Avengers: Endgame Fan Art


One year on and Marvel fans are still debating whether Avengers: Endgame wrapped up the storylines of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in the most fulfilling way. Was it really right for Iron Man to be killed off so he never gets to see his daughter grow up? Did it make sense for Captain America to head back to the past to marry Peggy Carter? These are questions we’ll be arguing about for a long time yet, but this cool new piece of fan art imagines what it would have been like if the characters’ fates had been different.

As shared by Comicshub on Instagram, the combined image below gives us a glimpse into an alternate timeline where Cap is the one to sacrifice himself by using the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy Thanos, while Tony Stark is the one who later attends his funeral.

Have a look at the alternate version of the movie’s conclusion for yourself:

In response to the backlash surrounding the way things concluded, the filmmakers have defended their decision as flipping what you would expect these characters to do. Steve’s been selfless all his life while Tony was once a selfish playboy, so it’s an ironic twist to have Steve ultimately do something for himself and Tony be the one to give up his life to save others. A lot of folks are on board with the way things went, while others are always going to be a little angry over it. But that’s just how it goes. With a film as massive as Endgame, it was never going to be able to please everyone.

And let’s not even get started on the controversial death of Black Widow earlier on the movie. Expect some fan art depicting Hawkeye in her place to arrive online at some point.

Tell us, though, should Iron Man and Cap’s endings have been flipped in Avengers: Endgame? Sound off down below.