Iron Man’s Presence Will Be Strongly Felt In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Iron Man Spider Man Homecoming

As we adjust to this post-Endgame world, Marvel Studios is quietly preparing for the global launch of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It’s been billed as a fitting epilogue to MCU Phase 3, as Peter Parker journeys to Europe for some much-needed R&R – he did just watch his father figure die before his very eyes – only to find himself caught up in fresh superhero drama involving Nick Fury, Elementals and a dubious ally in the form of Mysterio.

And while this is very much a solo Spidey movie, it turns out Iron Man’s presence will be strongly felt in Far From Home, where Peter must learn to live in a world without Tony Stark. Or so says producer Eric Carroll, who told the following:

His presence is very much felt. And [Peter] still obviously references this is the suit Tony gave him. Tony and Happy help him out in many ways along this movie — he’s very present, he’s just not in the movie.

Peter and Tony’s father-son dynamic was arguably one of the MCU’s most heartfelt storylines, which is why we were so devastated to see it draw to a gut-wrenching finale in Avengers: Endgame. That being said, Tom Holland’s Web-Head must now learn to stand on his own two feet, and forge his own superhero identity now that Stark is no longer with us.

And therein lies the hook to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even from the most recent trailer, in which the fully-costumed Spider-Man is crouched in front of an Iron Man mural, tears in his eyes, speaks volumes about the direction in which Jon Watts’ sequel is headed. Its ETA? July 2nd. Don’t miss it.